Lower Bowns / Oak Creek Trail
Lower Bowns / Oak Creek Trail
Lower Bowns / Oak Creek Trail
Lower Bowns / Oak Creek Trail Map
Lower Bowns / Oak Creek Trail
This trail has been designed for ATV, Jeep, 4WD, truck, or bicycle. Some areas are for non-motorized only.

This trail is only open from May to October, weather permitting in the early and later months.

Pay attention to the trail markers because some areas are restricted to motorized vehicles. Follow the rules of the trail and keep everyone safe.

Trail Tip
If you are planning to camp or picnic along the trail, be sure to take out everything that you take in, including garbage. Pack your food in a place and a way so as not to attract unwanted wildlife.

This trail is located just off Scenic Byway 12 between the Lower Bowns and Oak Creek Reservoirs.

Trail Type
All motorized vehicles and bicycle. No loop, just different trails to explore.

There is not a total specific distance for this trail but the distances for individual ones are on the next page.

Difficulty  Moderate
There is rough terrain on the way to Oak Creek Reservoir,weather may create other challenges, that will make the trail more difficult.

Elevations: Rosebud Trail Head: 8,600, Lower Bowns Reservoir: 7,400, Oak Creek Reservoir: 10,100

Trail Coordinates / Points of Interest
Name (Click name below to view map)GPSLatitiudeLongitude
Oak Creek ReservoirN 38d04'26" W 111d22'09"38.073889-111.369167
High Ranger TrailheadN 38d04'37" W 111d22'03"38.076944-111.3675
Pleasant Creek CampgroundN 38d06'07" W 111d20'13"38.101944-111.336944
Rosebud ATV TrailheadN 38d05'52" W 111d20'09"38.097778-111.335833
Lower Bowns CampgroundN 38d06'20" W 111d16'39"38.105556-111.2775
Trailhead at Lower BownsN 38d06'14" W 111d16'33"38.103889-111.275833
Oak Creek CampgroundN 38d05'23" W 111d20'29"38.089722-111.341389
Do it at your own pace
Do it at your own pace
There are camping facilities at Oak Creek, Rosebud, Pleasant Creek, and Lower Bowns. All the campgrounds are really nice and well kept. The Rosebud Campground considered mostly an ATV campground, other than that, they are open to everyone. Take a few days and enjoy the beauty of the area.

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2.1 Miles - Rosebud ATV Trailhead to Slickrock ATV Trail Junction 3.7 Miles - Rosebud ATV Trailhead to USFS Road 168 4.0 Miles - Rosebud ATV Trailhead to Lower Bowns Reservoir Trails 1.7 Miles - USFS Road 169 to Sawmill Bench Trail 2.5 Miles - Highway 12 to Oak Creek Reservoir
Get a closer look

Take in the views
Take in the views
Points of Interest: Oak Creek Reservoir: N 38d04'26" W 111d22'09" High Ranger Trailhead: N 38d04'37" W 111d22'03" Pleasant Creek Campground: N 38d06'07" W 111d20'13" Rosebud ATV Trailhead: N 38d05'52" W 111d20'09" Lower Bowns Campground: N 38d06'20" W 111d16'39" Trailhead at Lower Bowns: N 38d06'14" W 111d16'33" Oak Creek Campground: N 38d05'23" W 111d20'29"

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Lower Bowns / Oak Creek Trail