Tantalus Flats
Tantalus Flats
Tantalus Flats
Tantalus Flats Map
Tantalus Flats
This is the information for the mountain biking trail in that area.

This trail may start in the mountains but it can be extremely hot in the summer time as you descend in elevation.

Be sure that you have enough water to complete the whole trail. Also, be sure to check the weather.

Trail Tip
The closest communities for lodging and other services are Grover, Teasdale, Torrey.

This trail begins at the Rosebud Trailhead just south of Pleasant Creek Campground on Scenic Byway 12.

Trail Type
This trail is for biking only. There are however other hiking and ATV trails that cross with this one.

This trail length can very depending of what you decide to do. Details are on the next page under the heading “Do It At Your Own Pace.”

Difficulty  Moderate
This trail is moderate. At the trailhead the elevation is 8,600 ft and the lowest point is 6,500 ft. so there is slight elevation varitation throughout.

The trial is mostly maintained road and trails.

Trail Coordinates / Points of Interest
Name (Click name below to view map)GPSLatitiudeLongitude
Tantalus Flats38.100091-111.337488
Take in the Views
Take in the Views
This trail is a spectacular ride through Capitol Reef country. The splendor of the Henry Mountains combined with the beauty of the red desert rock monoliths create a unique and beautiful view for all who ride this trail.

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As you ride along the changing landscape of the area, you will come across beautiful mountain vegetation to desert rock. The trail blends from mountain to desert so flawlessly you will hardly notice. As stop and take a closer look you will be refreshed because of natures wonders.
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Do it at Your Own Pace
Do it at Your Own Pace
Just above Lower Bowns Reservoir follow the road on a strong northeast direction toward Tantalus Flats where the road can be followed east toward Capitol Reef National Park. Riders can continue into the park and follow the road north to connect with the scenic drive or have a support vehicle pick them up inside the park.

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Tantalus Flats