Shillelagh Trail
Shillelagh Trail
Shillelagh Trail
Shillelagh Trail Map
Shillelagh Trail
This trail requires complete hiking and climbing technical gear complete the entire hike.

This slot canyon is open year round unless there is snow.

Donít do this trail or any of the slot canyons alone. There are parts that are dangerous.

Trail Tip
Make sure that you have good shoes that can get wet. Also wear long sleeves and pants so you donít get scraped up!

This trail is located 20 miles south of Hanskville just off Hwy 95.

Trail Type
This trail is for hiking and canyoneering. You must have equipment to complete the trail.

This slot canyon is about 4.5 miles long.

Difficulty  Moderate
Moderate. There are some river crossings that they have put cement down for path to cross. The water is 1-2 feet deep.

The whole trail is B Class county maintained road. Spur roads that are open to riding are D class county roads. There are also several washes along the trail.

Trail Coordinates / Points of Interest
Name (Click name below to view map)GPSLatitiudeLongitude
Shillelagh Trail38.02143-110.548317
Take in the Views
Take in the Views
Shillelagh is a beautiful slot canyon that is the first and simplest of the Irish slot canyons. This winding pathway will is narrow and challenging, but is worth the incredible views.

Get a Closer Look
This slot canyon just south of Hanksville is the most simple of the three Irish Canyons. There is many obtacles along the way that will require help to pass over, but it is an exciting adventure for anyone who is willing to take the challenge.
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Do it at Your Own Pace
Do it at Your Own Pace
This trail does have several obstacles that will cross your path. Be sure that you safely negotiate these obstacles rather than rushing through them. It is not uncommon for people get hurt.

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Shillelagh Trail