Bull Creek Pass
Bull Creek Pass
Bull Creek Pass
Bull Creek Pass Map
Bull Creek Pass
This loop was designed for 4WD vehicles only. Some part are more easily accessed with smaller vehicles.

The trail can be washed out after a heavy rain. The higher parts of the pass are closed from November to June.

If you run into problems, help may not be able to arrive for days so make sure you are prepared with enough food, water and clothing.

Trail Tip
Make sure someone knows your plans just in case you run into trouble. They will know to send help if you do not return in an expected amount of time.

20 miles south of Hanksville. Bull Creek Pass circles west of the UT 95 and UT 276.

Trail Type
Bull Creek Pass is a SELF-GUIDED auto tour. There are hiking trails along the road. The lower parts of the pass are open all year.

The loop is 68 miles long. The pass could take anywhere from 6-8 hours, depending on how often and for how long you stop.

Difficulty  Moderate
Moderate. This varies depending on the weather. Make sure you are aware of previous and upcoming weather conditions.

Bull Creek Pass takes you up and through the Henry Mountains. Even though the road can me small in parts, make sure you stay on the designated path so you do not destroy the wildlife.

Trail Coordinates / Points of Interest
Name (Click name below to view map)GPSLatitiudeLongitude
Sandy Creek Staging AreaN 38d6'18" W 111d03'22"38.105-111.056111
McMillian Springs CampgroundN 38d4'19" W 110d50'53"38.071944-110.848056
BLM Ranger StationN 38d4'12" W 110d50'24"38.07-110.84
Mt Ellen TrailheadN 38d5'09" W 110d48'09"38.085833-110.8025
Old Miners CabinN 38d4'47" W 110d40'25"38.079722-110.673611
Old Miners ShackN 38d4'43" W 110d39'44"38.078611-110.662222
Little Egypt Staging AreaN 38d5'49" W 110d37'23"38.096944-110.623056
Crescent Creek JunctionN 38d4'25" W 110d45'39"38.073611-110.760833
Bull Creek Pass / Lonesome Beaver JuncN 38d5'42" W 110d46'43"38.095-110.778611
Mt Ellen Summit MonumentN 38d6'17" W 110d48'35"38.104722-110.809722
Lonesome Beaver CampgroundN 38d6'52" W 110d46'22"38.114444-110.772778
Take in the Views
Take in the Views
Southern Utah’s Henry Mountian Range was the last of the contiental United States’ mountains to be explored..

The Bull Creek Pass takes you to the top of the Henry Mountians where you can see the very views that define southern Utah.

Get a Closer Look
Bull Creek Pass is lined with several places to park and go for a short hike. Pay attention to the road markers that will point to these spots. Some great points of interest are: Little Egypt, Eagle City, McMillan Springs, The Horn and Ragged Mountain, Trachyte Ridge Vista, and the Trachyte Ranch.
Get a Closer Look

Do it at Your Own Pace
Do it at Your Own Pace
So much of it is still untouched, leaving a purity in the beauty that is seen here. The authenticity of its rich history remains including old gold mines to the hiding spots of the outlaws of the wild west. Take the time to explore the unique landscape and history of the area.

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Bull Creek Pass