Cooks Mesa
Cooks Mesa
Cooks Mesa
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Cooks Mesa
No extra equipment is required to do this hike.

The best time of year to do this hike is summer and fall.

Be mindful of any ice in winter months as it will make the trail difficult and dangerous.

Trail Tip
Though this hike is beautiful anytime, we recommend you do this hike at sunrise in the warmer months. Winter hikers should be mindful of ice in shaded areas.

One mile east of the last motels on Highway 24 you will find a turn-out on the north side of the road. Park here and go about 100 yards to the foothill where the trail begins.

Trail Type
This trail is for hiking only.

This map takes you 2.1 miles, (3.4 km). on the hike, but you can continue to follow the rim as it winds west. Elevation at the trailhead is 6431 ft. with a total gain of 836 ft.

Difficulty  Moderate
Cooks Mesa is a relatively easy trail with some parts being moderately difficult.

The trail follows the bench along the rim and consists of mostly rock, gravel, some short sections of sand.

Trail Coordinates / Points of Interest
Name (Click name below to view map)GPSLatitiudeLongitude
Cooks Mesa38.327046-111.364503
Take in the Views
Take in the Views
All along the rim you will find views of the Torrey area, the Boulder Mountains and east toward Capitol Reef National Park. The best views will be seen early morning or late afternoon while the sun is rising and setting.

Get a Closer Look
The trail begins at the base of the foothill and goes upward to the bench that is below the red rock formations. As you hike along the trail you will get up close to the incredible rock formations that have been created from years of erosion and change.
Get a Closer Look

Do it at Your Own Pace
Do it at Your Own Pace
This trail is 2.1 miles to the top of the mesa but does continue around the rim. This is a great place to explore and take in the views of the valley below.

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Cooks Mesa