Velvet Ridge / Hell's Hole
Velvet Ridge / Hell's Hole
Velvet Ridge / Hell's Hole
Velvet Ridge / Hell's Hole Map
Velvet Ridge / Hell's Hole
This trail has been designated for ATV and mountain bikes.

The weather varies greatly and will affect the trail conditions greatly. Be sure to check the Visitors Center before heading out.

Make sure to wear proper equipment especially on the Ridge, because the surface is so unsteady.

Trail Tip
Be sure to always wear the proper equipment. Because this trail is shared with other kinds of travelers, it is important for you to be safe and to consider the safety or others.

Both the Velvet Ridge and Sand Creek staging areas are located off Highway 24 between Bicknell and Torrey.

Trail Type
This is an ATV and bicycle trail. They are the same path so be aware of other people.

From the Velvet Ridge staging area the trail is 19 miles round trip. From the Sand Creek staging area it is a similar distance depending on what you do in the ATV/OHV recreation area.

Difficulty  Moderate
Moderate. There are a couple of spots that are a little difficult, but are still passable. The last mile to Hellís Hole is extreme.

The trail mostly consists of abrasive bennoite and loose red rock. Towards Hellís Hole the trail gets sandy.

Trail Coordinates / Points of Interest
Name (Click name below to view map)GPSLatitiudeLongitude
Sand Creek TrailheadN 38d18'38" W 111d25'59"38.310556-111.433056
Hell's Hole TrailN 38d19'41" W 111d26'26"38.328056-111.440556
Velvet Ridges TrailheadN 38d18'37" W 111d31'04"38.310278-111.517778
Great Western Trail OverlookN 38d18'41" W 111d27'54"38.311389-111.465
Take in the Views
Take in the Views
Once you have entered Hellís Hole, you can explore the entire area on foot.The Hellís Hole area is filled with rock formations that are ideal for walking and climbing. The elevation at Hellís Hole is 8650 ft.

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View the listed coordinates for different points of interest along the trail.
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Do it at your own pace
Do it at your own pace
There is so much to do along this trail that rushing it could amost be impossible. Indicated on the map is an area with green trails which is an OHV/ATV recreation area. This play area has no designated trails, just exploring. Boundaries are well marked. So make sure you take some time to play here. Just make sure to ride with the proper equipment and to make smart choices in riding.

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Velvet Ridge / Hell's Hole