Planets to the Past
Planets to the Past
Planets to the Past
Planets to the Past Map
Planets to the Past
This trail has been designed for ATV, 4WD and OHV.

This is a year-round trail and is great to see in any season. Make sure to check the weather so you don’t get caught in a storm.

Vehicles are restricted on certain parts of this trail because of surface type and because the trail is not wide enough in parts for bigger vehicles.

Trail Tip
Make sure to take a camera so you can capture your journey through time and space and you ride this Wayne County trail.

This trail is located on the North River Rd. just off Hwy 24. The ATV staging area is just south of that on Hwy 24 at the Burpee Trail staging area.

Trail Type
The purple road is strictly an ATV trail, the green is ATV or 4WD, and the blue trail is ATV or OHV (no trucks).

The purple road is 6.5 mi., the green road is 7.5 mi., and the blue road is 4 miles long.

Difficulty  Easy
Easy. Be sure to follow the guidelines as to what vehicles can go where.

The purple road is very sandy. The rest of the trail surface is gravel and dirt.

Trail Coordinates / Points of Interest
Name (Click name below to view map)GPSLatitiudeLongitude
Highway 24/MARS-Burpee Trail JunctionN 38d22'19" W 110d46'08"38.371944-110.768889
MARS-Burpee Trail Staging AreaN 38d22'19" W 110d46'03"38.371944-110.7675
MARS Training StationN 38d24'23" W 110d47'31"38.406389-110.791944
Burpee Dinosaur Dig AreaN 38d27'07" W 110d47'29"38.451944-110.791389
Take in the views
Take in the views
This trail will take you out of this world as you view a landscape very similar to that found on Mars. The trail will also take you back to prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed the earth and dominated this area. The views are interesting and very unique.

Get a closer look
Along this trail you will see what scientists have labeled as “Mars-like terrain.” There is a Research station that uses the area to gain more knowledge about the Red Planet.

There are also sites where dinosaur fossils have been found in large quantities.
Get a closer look

Do it at your own pace
Do it at your own pace

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Planets to the Past